FOI 1914 - Fleet information

Would you be able to provide me with the following information for your fire fleet please.

1. A list of registration, make, model, VIN number, Bodybuilder job number, Bodybuilder manufacturer,  role, location and vehicle type such as WrL or TL of every vehicle in your fire fleet.

Please refer to our webpage where a complete Fleet list is detailed. Please note we do not give out VIN numbers or body builder job numbers. The on line fleet list will be updated in the near future when the next vehicle relocations have all been completed. All of our appliances are the same we do not have special to role WrL etc.

 2. A list of recently disposed of vehicles.

 Y495PTU Mercedes, DA02 OZX Mercedes, DA02 MZU Mercedes

 3. A list of vehicles awaiting disposal.


 4. A list of vehicle awaiting to enter service, currently in build/on order and vehicles out to tender.

MX23 AYJ, MX23 AYK & MX23 AYL are about to enter service. We have no vehicles out to tender currently.

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Last updated: Friday, 16 February 2024