For residents

The Fire Safety England Regulations introduced new legal requirements to ensure the safety of residents living in blocks of flats.

In all multi-occupied residential building the responsible person for fire safety must provide residents with relevant fire safety instructions. This information must be provided when a resident moves into the building on an annual basis. The instructions must include;

  • how to report a fire

  • a reminder of what the evacuation strategy is for that building

  • any other instruction that tells residents what they must do once a fire has occurred, based on the building’s evacuation strategy

We know that across the region there is a shared commitment to ensuring residents are safe but through feedback we understand that ensuring residents understand the fire safety arrangements in their buildings can be a challenge. To support you with the information you are already providing we have produced videos for residents which explain what to do if they have a fire in their flat and evacuation arrangements.

There are two versions of the videos:

Stay safe

Learn about the information and advice given to residents living in blocks of flats operating a stay safe policy.


Learn about how residents should evacuate a residential block of flats in the event of fire with information on making an escape plan, what you can do in the event of fire and where to go.

Last updated: Friday, 22 March 2024