Meet some of our Volunteers

At Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service we are very proud of our volunteers, who out varied roles in the communities throughout Cheshire.

Here are some examples of the work of our volunteers:

Adam Turner - Youth Volunteer

My name is Adam Turner, I'm 22 years old and a Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service (CFRS) volunteer.

I've only just started volunteering with the Service but I have been involved with the Prince's Trust (PT) for some time.

I first got involved with Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service and the Prince's Trust when I was a member of a PT team in January 2008. I completed the course and it literally changed my life. In 2009 I won an award, Young Achiever of the Year, and was asked to become an ambassador for the Trust. I have travelled up and down the country telling my story and raising funds and awareness for them.

I applied to become a Service volunteer in December 2010 so that I could be actively involved in helping participants on the Prince's Trust programme. So far I have given speeches about my story to a CFRS/PT presentation evening. I have also been to a team meeting to give input from the viewpoint of a young person who has experienced the PT programme, have helped to develop the provision of the PT programme and visited PT teams across Cheshire to tell my story and hopefully inspire the young people to make the most of their time on the programme.

At the moment I am working closely with a Crewe PT team on their 12-week course, using my experiences to support and mentor team members to help them to achieve as much as possible. This involves me going in to Crewe Fire Station and getting involved with the Team activities, just generally helping out where I can.

Bill Smith - Fire Support Team

Bill joined the post fire support team in October 2011. His volunteer work involves working in teams of two, based at Winsford Fire Station, attending minor domestic fire or flood incidents to listen, support and advise individuals and families, clean the affected area of the property, remove excess water and ensure that the occupants of the damaged property are able to continue to use the affected area safely.

Bill also volunteers at the Service's headquarters in Winsford utilising his skills and experiences to provide support to the Training Department and happy to help with one off annual events.

Sue Cleaver -  Fire Cadet Volunteer Team Leader

Sue volunteers as a cadet leader based at Nantwich Fire Station.

Under Sue's leadership, the cadets meet one evening weekly, following registration they complete drill duties on the station drill yard and have sessions where they plan and deliver fundraising and donations to local charities within the local community.

Although Sue is also a full-time CFRS employee, as Targeted Youth Support Team Manager, almost as much of her free time is spent volunteering with the Service! She says of her volunteering role: "I find it exciting, satisfying, rewarding and I get a huge sense of pride watching the cadet unit grow and its members learn life skills that they can take into adulthood.

At the end of July, Sue will be accompanying a team of 14 Cheshire fire cadets going on a two week trip of a lifetime to Ghana.  The group will be working alongside local people to help build a new school in a small village near Ada on the coast of the Volta Region in Ghana, West Africa.  Sue is going as a voluntary cadet leader, giving up her own time as well as needing to raise £3000 to cover a share of the building materials and the cost of travel and accommodation.

Andrew Jeffery - Community Safety Volunteer

Andrew Jeffery volunteers in the Community Safety Team photographed here attending a Citizenship ceremony, handing out leaflets in various languages which deliver fire safety messages to applicants and families from all four corners of the world.

Andrew has just returned to the Cheshire East volunteer unit after suffering a serious bout of sickness, he was sorely missed and has impressed many people within CFRS with his determination to recover and return to volunteering.

Grant Lloyd - Youth Team Volunteer

Grant Lloyd volunteered this week as a Prince's Trust young ambassador.  This involves improving the prospects of young people who are facing barriers in their lives, to gain employment or return to education by helping them to develop themselves, gain new skills and confidence in their abilities, enabling them to go on and lead full and productive lives.

When Grant was asked why he choose to volunteer he replied "I have developed more as a person as my confidence and communication skills have improved. I also enjoy seeing the young people develop and mature as they progress through the course".

"It has given me the opportunity to meet people from all walks of life, backgrounds and cultures and to understand their needs more compassionately".

Lee McIntyre and Andrew Dunn - Road Safety Volunteers

Lee McIntyre and Andrew Dunn volunteer in the Road Safety team, seen in the photograph attending a Driver Engagement Day, which is a joint venture by Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service and Cheshire Constabulary. The police stop offending motorists for any of the following reasons:

  • Not wearing seatbelts, drivers and passengers.
  • Using mobile phones whilst driving.
  • Minor speeding eg 2 - 3 mph over the limit.

Fire Service personnel then engage and educate the offending motorist/passengers with regard to any of the above offences.

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