Grill pan fire safety tips

Most fires start in the kitchen and a major cause of these fires is a build up of fat and oil in grill pans.  The fat and oil can easily ignite when heated so please clean your grill pan regularly.

To avoid a fire and to keep your family safe, clean your grill after you have used it.  This can help to prevent a nasty fire that could cause damage to your home or, worse still, it could cost lives.

Grill pan - fire safety tips

Here are some top tips to avoid a fire in your kitchen:

  • Always clean the grill pan after using it to avoid a build up of fat and oil in your grill pan.

  • Never leave cooking unattended.

  • Take extra care if you are wearing loose clothing.

  • Make sure that you have working smoke alarms.

  • Keep tea towels and cloths away from grills and hobs.

  • Don’t start cooking if you have had alcohol or are really tired.

  • If a grill pan catches fire, do not take risks - get everyone out of your home and call 999

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Last updated: Thursday, 11 January 2024