Fire safety with self-cleaning ovens

A self-cleaning oven uses high temperatures of around 500℃ (932℉) to burn away food deposits and leftovers without the need for toxic oven cleaning products. A typical cleaning cycle takes several hours to complete and locks the oven door for safety reasons.

The self-cleaning oven sounds convenient, time-saving and cost-effective, making these ovens appealing to consumers. However, there is important safety advice to consider:

Possible flames

Some users have reported fear and alarm at seeing fires inside their self-cleaning ovens. If large pieces of food or a large amount of grease is inside the oven when the high heat builds up, then there is a chance of fire and flames being seen inside.

Hot surfaces

Young children and pets can be at risk of burns when the oven is in self-cleaning mode. The front of the oven becomes very hot during the cleaning process so children and pets should never be left alone near the oven.

Don’t leave your oven unattended

The extreme heat of the self-cleaning cycle creates fumes and some smoke so be sure to turn on your kitchen's vent hood and open your kitchen windows as wide as weather permits.

If there is a fire or large amounts of smoke coming from your oven…Get out, call us out and stay out.

Last updated: Monday, 19 June 2023