FOI 1803 - E-Bikes

I would like to request data on the number of fires your service has tackled caused by ‘E-Bikes’ during the last 3 years, including 2022, if this data is available. Many thanks for your time.

Please find details below of the four fires involving e-bikes attended by Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service between 16th November 2019 and 16th November 2022:

 Please be aware that there is no specific category on our data systems for Electric Bike or E-Bikes. The information provided is based on a keyword search for ‘Electric Bike’ or ‘E-Bike’ on our Mobilising System and Incident Recording System. Therefore, the data provided may not include all fires involving E-Bikes unless these keywords were recorded on the incident logs.

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Last updated: Friday, 16 February 2024