Information on external wall construction

Regulation 5 requires Responsible Persons (RP) to prepare a record of the design of the external walls of the building, including details of the materials from which they are constructed. Within that record, the RP must include the level of risk associated with external walls (as captured within the fire risk assessment) and any mitigating steps that have been taken in respect of that at risk.

Providing information about the wall design will assist us with operational pre-planning and provide information that will help fire crews should a fire break out in the building. 

As well as providing details of the materials used in the wall construction, responsible persons will also be required to provide information on the level of risk of fire spread that the external wall structure poses, and any steps that have been taken to reduce these risks.

Complete an External Wall Report

The external wall information form can be found below. Please email any completed forms, along with any supporting documentation to

External Wall Information Form

Last updated: Thursday, 22 June 2023