British Red Cross

On this page you can find out information about our partnership with the British Red Cross and information about their Emergency Response Service:

Emergency Response Service

The Emergency Response Service helps people cope in the aftermath of an incident or emergency, providing practical help, advice and emotional support.

Based out of Birchwood Fire Station, the volunteers mobilise the specially equipped vehicle to attend a scene within 90 minutes. At the scene volunteers provide practical help in the form of refreshments, clothing, toiletries and assistance in dealing with other organisations, such as Insurance and Housing. In addition, volunteers listen and offer emotional support.

This service is available 24/7 across Cheshire.

The Emergency Response Service is designed to meet the needs of people who have been affected by fire, flooding, power outage, burst pipe, evacuation or similar incident.

This free service is delivered by specially trained British Red Cross volunteers who work in co-operation with the local Fire and Rescue Service.

They use an adapted vehicle to assist them in providing practical and emotional support to people in crisis following an incident. They will arrive at the scene within 90 minutes of being called by the fire and rescue service.

What Type Of Service Is Available?

Practical help:

  • Immediate temporary shelter in the Support Vehicle. 

  • Lights snacks and drinks.

  • Hygiene packs (shampoo, soap, toothbrush, toothpaste etc).

  • Basic clothing/blankets.

  • Baby care items.

  • Sourcing/accessing replacement medication/prescriptions.

  • Use of telephone/assistance to contact insurance, utilities, temporary accommodation etc.

  • Signposting to other organisations that can help.

  • Transport to friends, relatives, hotel, hospital etc.

Become a volunteer

If you like a challenge, are available to work as part of an on-call rota and want to help people in a crisis then the Emergency Response Service could be for you!

If you would like to support the service by becoming a volunteer, or want more information, please contact Gale Osborne by email -

You can also call Gale on 07843 468 009.

Last updated: Wednesday, 14 June 2023