Right Care, Right Person

When people are in mental health crisis they need timely access to support that is compassionate and meets their needs.

Right Care, Right Person is a national scheme between local police services and the NHS to ensure the public is provided with the right care, responded to by the right person with the right skills, training and experience to best meet their needs.

While our firefighters are trauma-trained they do not have training in the area of mental health and we are also not the right agency to attend calls of this nature.

Fire and rescue services have a responsibility to respond to fires and other emergencies. To mitigate risks and prevent fires and other emergencies, we carry out a range of fire prevention and protection activity, focusing on the people in local communities who are most at risk.

It is vital that the right agency deals with health-related calls.

Depending on which area of Cheshire you live in you can self-refer as follows:

Last updated: Monday, 15 January 2024