Environment partnerships

We work with a number of different agencies:

Environment Agency (EA)

We are working with the EA (opens in new window) to minimise our operational impact on the environment. We are also developing a Local Working Agreement together which should be finalised shortly.

Cheshire region Biodiversity Partnership (CrBP)

The CrBP was established in 1997 bringing together over 40 organisations, groups and individuals to work collectively towards a common vision of 'a Cheshire region richer in Wildlife by 2020'. Members of the Partnership contribute voluntary time and funding to forward biodiversity actions, research, wildlife recording and practical conservation works to help safeguard the future of the Cheshire region's wildlife. The Partnership, made up of statutory and non-statutory organisations, works alongside businesses, community groups, local experts and wildlife enthusiasts to deliver the Cheshire region Biodiversity Action Plan (CrBAP). The CrBAP currently contains 73 action plans for our most vulnerable species and habitats.

We have signed a Service Level Agreement with the CrBP (opens in a new window) to carry out biodiversity surveys on our fire stations (six per year) and to develop action plans and site maps to outline the management of the wildlife areas and proposals for future biodiversity improvements. The CrBP will also advise on projects linking education, the local community and biodiversity.

Cheshire and Warrington Climate Change Group

The Cheshire and Warrington Climate Change Group was established in March 2007 to help to deliver the Northwest Climate Change Action Plan within Cheshire and Warrington.

The Group has an independent private sector Chair and meets quarterly to establish priorities for action and to commission activities to help deliver the Action Plan.

The group's purpose is also to identify sub regional priorities for action.

Cheshire and Warrington Sustainability Alliance

We are a member of the Sustainability Alliance and the Environment and our Corporate Social Responsibility Officer sits on the CWSA Steering Group.

The theme for 2010 was Sustainable Food and the previous theme for 2009 was Education for Sustainable Development. Prior to that the theme was Climate Change. The AGM takes place in December each year.

The CWSA was formally known as the Sustainable Cheshire Forum (SCF).

Natural England (NE)

NE are advising us on planning for incidents on or near vulnerable/important biodiversity areas, for example, SSSIs - Site of Special Scientific Interest. We are hoping to collate the information and add it to our Vehicle Mounted Data Systems (VMDS) to assist operational staff dealing with incidents.

Groundwork Cheshire

Groundwork Cheshire is assisting CFRS in implementing an Environment Management System. CFRS have gained accreditation to Phases 1, 2, and 3 to BS 8555:2003 with the aim of achieving ISO 14001 by the end of 2011.

Energy Projects Plus

The Environment Officer can arrange for EPP to have an advice stand at our Fire Station Open Days. We are looking to work together to promote energy efficiency in the home.

North West Environment Operations Group

All fire and rescue services (FRS) within the north west region and their respective Environment Agency Senior Environment Officers meet together every six months to discuss environment operations, best practice, incidents of interest and how to forward the FRS and EA partnership further.

Area 10 - Environment Emergency Response Group.

Members of the Group: FRS, EA Officers, Highways Agency and Aone+

Last updated: Wednesday 24 October 2018

Last updated: Wednesday, 14 June 2023